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The Advent of Canadian Dream

American Dream is a 19th century concept that idealizes the American lifestyle. The 21st century is all about the Canadian dream.

Strengthening through diversity, year after year Canada has opened its border to anyone who's willing to come and make it their home. In 2018, the population of Canada was roughly 37 million and at the time of writing this article we are rapidly approaching 38 million! By 2031, one third of the population will be visible minorities according to statistics Canada. People are quick to make Canada their home and its not going to end any time soon because immigration is the core of Canadian economy. Currently just over 20% of Canada is made up of visible minorities but they contribute to over 50% of the Canadian economy. Whether its IT, agriculture or short term labour, Canada seems to be an attractive destination due to the lenient pathway for permanent residency which could eventually lead to a Canadian citizenship. Many Indian and Chinese students prefer to make Canada their home due to the friendly Canadian culture. Basic healthcare is free in Canada. Toronto's nightlife doesn't shy away from the harsh winter and summer festivities are vibrant due to the diverse population. Even under COVID-19, most of the population respects social distancing and masking rules while spreading the friendly Canadian attitude. The government released a $2000/month program to support Canadians who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and to support their job hunting initiatives. The Canadian dream is a relatively new idea but in recent years it has exploded and with the population that can only go up, you should already be looking into the most suitable program for you!

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