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What are PNPs?

Provincial Nominee program or PNPs are a category of immigration program pathways offered by most provinces in Canada. Each province in Canada has unique labour demands and they use PNPs to address some of the labour demand while also offering them a pathway to permanent residency!

If you are wondering whether PNP is right for you, then the first step is to consult with a licensed immigration practitioner to assess your profile and see which province has the best program matching your professional experience and education.

What you must know is that PNPs usually come with their own eligibility criteria in addition to those outlined by the IRCC. Most PNP's require you to have an express entry profile as an requirement while some even require you to have a job offer in the province to be eligible. Certain provinces like Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario offer certain programs that do not. require a job offer but have other criteria you must fulfil.

Most of the PNP programs would require the following:

  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) for your current educational credentials if they're not Canadian

  • IELTS General test results (higher the score the better)

  • Proof of Employment

If you have these documents ready, then you are one step ahead of most applicants! Note that most PNPs use their own points-system to assess your qualifications against their cut-off score. When you are ready, contact us today and we will help you with your PNP application process.

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