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Whether you're a student or a temporary worker, Canada allows you to bring your spouse and dependents for most programs. Spouses of those in work or study permit maybe eligible to apply for a study and work permit if they meet certain conditions

I'm a foreign student, can my spouse work in Canada?

Your spouse may be eligible for a work permit as long as they can provide proof that they are your spouse

What if I am in an open work permit and my spouse wants to work in Canada?

You will have to provide proof of your employment 

How long will my work permit be valid for?

Usually the length of your spousal work permit is matched to the length of the principal spouse's work or study permit

What if my spouse wants to apply for a study permit? 

The process for the study permit is similar to principal spouse's study permit where you have to be accepted by a DLI

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Things to think about


Spousal work permits can greatly help your stay in Canada especially if living expenses are high in your city


Having necessary supporting documentation is key to a successful application. Attaching unnecesary documentation may not be helpful and may cause delays in processing and affect your application negatively.


Spousal permits does come with their restrictions. Always consult a licensed immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer to know about all the details


Submit documents on time. When you don't it creates unnecessary delays or even negatively impact your application.


Review your application before submission. Chances are you might ahve made a mistake and reviewing your application might help you correct it.

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