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Canada fares better than the United States in immigration policies

Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) reviews a country's immigration and integration polices and ranks them accordingly. Canada has been ranked fourth trailing behind Scandinavian countries but remaining in the top 5 and consistently remaining in the top 10. Its no surprise that the leadings countries in this list are Scandinavian but in North America, Canada does an excellent job with its immigration and integration policies compared to the United States of America.

According to MIPEX, the focus on healthcare has been a strong positive influence for Canada's fourth position. The only negative factor for Canada's immigration policy is the lack of legal framework to allow political participation for permanent residents. The United States on the other hand is far behind when it comes to labour market mobility, pathways to nationality and healthcare for immigrants. It was also noted that compared to the Obama administration, Trump's administration has robbed immigrants of their basic rights. Grounds for rejection, withdrawal, refusal for family reunification was also a strong factor in declining MIPEX scores for the United States. Regardless, US still remains in the to 10 along with Canada and some Scandinavian countries.

MIPEX also points out that the 2017 Citizenship act has made it easier for immigrants to prove the residence and language requirements. It also adds that unlike most countries in the MIPEX index, Canada continues to be consistent with their immigration policies as a Top 10 MIPEX country.

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