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The pandemic has made Canada an attractive destination

Canadian immigration has pulled in some record numbers in the last year thanks to the pandemic and open immigration policies. Some countries tend to benefit more than the others and this can be clearly seen by analyzing IRCC's most recent data set.

According to IRCC's open data initiative, over 96,000 Indian nationals have immigrated to Canada as Permanent Residents followed by 24,000+ Chinese nationals. Countries such as Brazil, Nigeria and Philippines also saw marginal increases but none of them match the month to month increase of immigration from India

The graph above based on IRCC's dataset showcases how the rate of immigration experienced a short dip from Q2 to Q3 during the starting phases of the pandemic. This can be evidently seen in the drop of immigration of Indian nationals from over 16,000 in Q1 to just around 7500 in Q4. However, close to 50,000 Indian nationals became permanent residents in 2020.

Moving into 2021, in Q1 immigration of indian nationals shattered the previous year record with close to 18,500 immigrating just between January 2021 to April 2021. Chinese nationals also immigrated in record numbers but this was no where close to the number permanent residents from India.

Countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Philippines and Brazil tend also saw stronger immigration rates to Canada but remains steady as opposed to China and India.

Sri Lanka on the other hand experienced some of the lowest rates of nationals becoming Permanent Residents in Canada. In 2020, 1340 of them became permanent residents and this increased to 1655.

It should be noted that Q4 is only reflecting data from September and October for the 2021 year. Without any doubt, we are sure that these numbers would only increase exponentially considering the observed immigration patterns during the pandemic

This data further proves our last year's prediction that Canadian immigration is becoming a very attractive option for many middle-class families in developing countries. If you have a college degree/diploma, have more than 1 year of work experience and relatively good in English and/or French, talk to us today to make Canada your next destination for permanent residency!

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